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Reverse dog shaming. [x]


Reverse dog shaming. [x]

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And now, the official teaser trailer of The Battle of the Five Armies

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New Poster!

New Poster!

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Crash landings.

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"Are you responsible for this box, sir?"

Time Flight - season19 - 1982

She has a mind of her own.

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Lord of the Rings Reread: Journey To The Cross-roads

Standing there for a moment filled with dread Frodo became aware that a light was shining; he saw it glowing on Sam’s face beside him. Turning towards it, he saw, beyond an arch of boughs, the road to Osgiliath running almost as straight as a stretched ribbon down, down, into the West. There, far away, beyond sad Gondor now overwhelmed in shade, the Sun was sinking, finding at last the hem of the great slow-rolling pall of cloud, and falling in an ominous fire towards the yet unsullied Sea. The brief glow fell upon a huge sitting figure, still and solemn as the great stone kings of Argonath. The years had gnawed it, and violent hands had maimed it. Its head was gone, and in its place was set in mockery a round rough-hewn stone, rudely painted by savage hands in the likeness of a grinning face with one large red eye in the midst of its forehead. Upon its knees and mighty chair, and all about the pedestal, were idle scrawls mixed with the foul symbols that the maggot-folk of Mordor used.

Suddenly, caught by the level beams, Frodo saw the old king’s head: it was lying rolled away by the roadside. “Look, Sam!” he cried, startled into speech. “Look! The king has got a crown again!”

The eyes were hollow and the carven beard was broken, but about the high stern forehead there was a coronal of silver and gold. A trailing plant with flowers like small white stars had bound itself across the brows as if in reverence for the fallen king, and in the crevices of his stony hair yellow stonecrop gleamed.

"They cannot conquer for ever!" said Frodo. And then suddenly the brief glimpse was gone. The Sun dipped and vanished, and as if at the shuttering of a lamp, black night fell.

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“Do not talk to me of dragon fire! I know its wrath and ruin. I have faced the great serpents of the north!”

Do not talk to me of dragon fire! I know its wrath and ruin. I have faced the great serpents of the north!

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I really don’t care what kind of blogs you have, This deserves a reblog

man the last image really got me..

The second to last really killed me.

A simple thing we see frequently on the Internet being put into the perspective of real life.

The last one put me to tears all I can think is my grandpa and how much I miss him

I don’t advocate war but the I have a lot of love for the victims of it. These put things into perspective.

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